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More About The Grower/Owner

I’m known as Varetta the Gardener. Growing plants is what relaxes me and makes me happy.

After working as a registered Dental Hygienist for over 43 years in various states, I recently retired to devote my and energy to flower farming. My flower farm is called “Amazing Grace Flower Farm.”  Having moved from Maryland in 2021 to Gloucester, all the stars have aligned for me to start my business. What a wonderful area to live in. Great weather overall, wonderful people and plenty of land and I'll say the USA  daffodil capital. They will surely be in my Spring bouquet!

My interest in growing plants started as a teen growing up in Washington D.C. I started, in my bedroom, a sweet potato plant that I had gathered from my mom’s kitchen that had little green sprouts. I inserted a few toothpicks in the potato and placed it in a tall glass of water. Voila’, that sweet potato with the green sprouts growing in my sunny window developed into a beautiful sweet potato vine. As nature would have it, my plant was growing in a southeast window perfect for growing my plant. 

Since that time I have grown back yard veggie gardens; in large and small spaces, started a container garden business where my focus was container gardening in small spaces. such as decks and patios.

I became interested in growing roses while in Pittsburgh, PA and joined a local Rose Garden club . Oh what a delight to see the various roses growing in my yard and around town.

In 2011 I decided I would become more knowledgeable about plants and how they grow by taking classes to become a Master Gardener. As a master gardener I am able to advise and educate the public on gardening and horticulture.

My years as a master gardener have helped to prepare me to become a local flower farmer in Gloucester Va.

I additionally have taken courses in flower farming from noted flower farmers around the country that have aided me in the development of “Amazing Grace Flower Farm” located in Gloucester, Virginia.

I look forward to seeing my flowers that are grown locally in Gloucester, Va in local flower establishments, produce markets, groceries as well as your home or office.

Amazing Grace Flower Farm ..... "Where Flowers & Smiles Grow."