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Countdown to Spring!

Here we are in the middle of February. There is a lot going on as it relates to what is going on outside.
As you take a visual overview of your outdoor space, notice how the sun appears to be brighter as well as the days are filled with sunlight longer. Stand in the sun, oh how good it feels to your soul. Natural vitamin E.

What does all of this mean for your garden—growth! Especially here in the Gloucester, Virginia area. Take a walk around your garden. How many daffodils do you see emerging from their winter’s nap? We have seen numerous varieties emerging!

Here at the Amazing Grace Flower Farm we are noticing a lot of growth activity outside. Some of the trees are showing signs of rebirth, daffodils are blooming and many of the flower seedlings that were planted in the fall [called cool flowers] are strengthening and growing larger. We certainly look forward to these plants developing into beautiful flower blooms for your home or office during the early part of Spring.
The extended daylight and seeing the growth renaissance going on outside should bring excitement to you as you take your walk around your outdoor space.
What are some of the things you can do in your outdoor space? First, just evaluate what is going on! Take it all in! Look for broken tree limbs that need to be taken down and that may have fallen. Begin to clean-up; however, don’t get overly aggressive with clean up, develop a plan of action for plants that might need pruning. Are there flower beds that could need redesigning? Are your garden tools in need of sharpening or cleaning. Look at the weeds that are growing. Can you safely pull them without damages to the tender growth that is occurring?

Yes, there is excitement around you, but we caution you; just as you experience some warming trends, there will be some days & nights during this time of the season where the temperatures could be stressful to your developing plants.

We at Amazing Grace Flower farm are excited about what we are seeing occurring outside and look forward to providing you with our fresh flowers soon. Come back to our website often to see what may be available for your home or business. It’s not to early for you to become a subscriber of our Buzzing Bouquets. Subscribe today!

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