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Explore January In Your Garden

Although it may be Winter there are a few amazing things going on in your garden. Some of your plants may appear to be sleeping, however, for the most part they are rejuvenating themselves for the upcoming seasons.

Have you noticed that the sunlight is hovering among us a bit longer since the Winter solstice? The air temperature might not be getting warmer during this time of the year, however for us here in Gloucester, Virginia, our air has a bit of freshness in it and our temperatures at night can be described as downright cold.

So here is what is going on with the plants at the Amazing Grace Flower Farm. Our cool flowers, planted in September, are developing well.  Our hellebores have set their buds and appear they will be a great addition to your home or business when they are ready for harvest in the Spring. As we explore our gardens, we see many varieties of daffodils beginning to emerge from the ground. Yes, it’s exciting to see this growth progression even though it’s is still too early to make any reasonable prediction about when these plants will bloom. Our peonies are still sleeping as well as our other plants.

 Our cool flowers are interesting to watch. They flourish during freezing winter temperatures and when you look at them at night or during the early morning, after freezing temperatures, you still wonder whether the plants will make it to market in the Spring.

Here at the Amazing Grace Flower Farm we are planting and monitoring outside conditions in order to serve you with beautiful flowers this Spring. We would love to be of service to you with our flowers.

Join us in enjoying the many natural wonders outside. Take a walk; you will be amazed of what you discover!

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