Amazing Grace Flower Farm - Gloucester Virginia

Our Local Flowers

The Amazing Grace Flower Farm (follow us on Facebook) has created a list of Our Local Flowers.  Shown below are flowers that are grown right here in Gloucester Virginia on the flower farm. 

Benary's Giant Zinnia's

Benary's Giant Zinnias come in beautiful vibrant colors. They are mostly grown for cut flower do to they size, are summer annuals and has been a top favorite summer flowers. The blooms can be 4 to 6 inches in size. What a gem!

Oklahoma Mix Sunflowers

These sunflowers are sweet little additions to any bouquet. The are about 1.5" If you love summer flower bouquets you are going to love these. The colors are pink, white, red, yellow and maybe  some salmon.

Lemon Aura Sunflower

This and other Pro-Cut Sunflower are pollenless and great as a specialty cut flower. These are cut on the farm just as they began to open to keep the pest from nibbling on the petals. They will open fully even after being harvested. Enjoy and watch your smiles grow!

Cosmos, Sensation Mix


They are charming in a bouquet. I would say they are unique to local cut flower because                                           they show off being sold close to they  home, hence the phase "local grown specialty cut flower"!