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The return to winter is marked by the “Winter Solstice”

On Dec. 21st. the winter returns. This return is marked by the Winter Solstice. According to some, the Winter Solstice marks the day when the sun begins its return and with assurances, the plants that are now dormant will awaken and grow. Keep in mind that during the winter, some plants are by no means dead. Most annuals, depending on the temperate zone you live in, do die during the winter but those plants who thrive year after year are living off energy, they stored in their roots during the long summer days.
Here at Amazing Grace Flower Farm we are beginning to see this awakening of certain plants occurring. For us, this transition is somewhat baffling. Not really knowing if this awakening during this time of the year is due to changing climate conditions that the world is experiencing or is it actually the awakening period for the specific plants where we live?
As I walk our farming area, I am seeing peonies nodules popping up, Hellebores and daffodils are being to emerge. Many of our cool flowers planted in the fall are standing with prominence and with God’s grace will be producers of flower blooms for you in the Spring.
Over the winter there’s a lot going on in the soil. Even at this time of the year the soil thrives with living & developing microbes some of which can stand freezing temperatures and even the covering of snow. According to research, the effect of snow on the soil micro-organisms can affect the storage of nitrogen within the soil. The stored nitrogen is necessary for plants to get a good start to their spring growth. Here in Gloucester, Virginia we have had moderate winter-like weather and we are sure there are more colder days ahead.
How will you spend your winter? As you are aware winter is often considered to be slumbering time in your garden as well as for hibernating animals. For many plants it is a time for sleep or dormancy. One of the reasons deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves during the autumn is the reduced winter light levels.
With the Winter Solstice upon us, with shorter nights and longer days the beginning of waking up in the garden has begun!
Here are some ways to celebrate Winter Solstice “rebirth of the sun”, decorate an Outdoor Edible Tree for the Animals. Making edible ornaments for local birds and other creatures makes for a fun project for the kids. Have a Winter Feast. This does not have to be elaborate – but the point of this is to gather your closest loved ones and share a simple meal that showcases the earth’s rebirth. A celebratory Winter Solstice traditional drink is hot mulled cider or tea. Take a sunrise hike or share family folklore.
Whatever you choose to celebrate or give homage to the Winter Solstice keep in mind that the transition to Spring is occurring!
Amazing Grace Flower Farm is looking forward to serving you with specialty cut flowers during the Spring of 2024!!

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  1. Bill Rosier Reply

    James and Varetta…

    I really enjoyed your article. My wife and I were just trying to determine the shortest day of the year and then saw your blog. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy the holidays.


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